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One World in a New World

The feedback has been stellar from guests on One World in a New World (see below). You’ll enjoy the individual journeys we take to share a collective mind flow toward a new living awareness. Our conversations dive into uncharted territory with curiosity and questions. We ‘uncover’ some very interesting and salient points of order.

Weekly conversations about making sense common and our co-creation process for our progression as people and planet. A quick view of One World in a New World and the intention of these apocalyptic chats to engage the notion of a planetary civilization, especially since we’re in process of a real global challenge. Please subscribe and share.

An Introduction

One World in a New World chats explore a plethora of perspectives and professional arenas that do offer evidence of the evo-leap in behavior referred to in the video. We are in process of an evolutionary leap in understanding harmony with self, others and Mother Earth. Sharing the wisdom from Elders, from a variety of lifestyles and perspectives, promotes critical thinking and deeper understanding for development and support of careers and community leadership. Agile businesses thrive, educational methodologies expand, societal needs are met and politics moves from Profit over People and Planet to People and Planet over Profit.

Finally, science and the core of ancient teachings are mirroring that we do co-create our reality. We explore how and what the practical and pragmatic applications of a new living awareness are or can be. How do we engage to the best of our ability? What are the signs and symptoms of natural order within each of us? How does the inner vision mesh with the outer expression? What happens when we begin to explore the deeper part of self? These questions and more sprinkle the conversations that matter to many through One World in a New World.

Please do grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit with us for a bit. You’ll be glad you did.

One World in a New World Guest Comments

From Dr. Robert Gilman, Founder – Context Institute:

“Zen feels like an emissary from the future, a time when many more people are at home with a wider scope of consciousness. It’s not an easy role to be in but Zen has lived it with openness, courage, humility and grace. It was a delight to talk with him and I recommend his story to you.”

From Deborah Levine, Publisher of The American Diversity Report:

“We are fortunate that Zen continually perseveres in his mission to transform lives and harmonize our world. His ability to connect unconventional leaders, social entrepreneurs, and innovative change makers, magnifies their gifts and broadens their impact. As a coach, Zen is able to combine spirituality and leadership to release creativity, generate innovative thinking, and empower our best selves.”

From Dr. Zabiegalski, author of The Rise of the Ambidextrous Organization:

“Left, Right, Zen is a whole brain thinker and being a guest on his One World podcast was like an energized conversation with an old friend. From human consciousness and cognition to work, organizations, and being comfortable with ambiguity. Listen in and join the conversation and learn how to surf the perfect wave every day.”

From Mansi Kakkar, Regenerative Design and Innovation Specialist:

“Zen is a catalyst for transforming conversations. He is a connector for the leaders of social transformation. He brings a deep sense of curiosity, a wealth of knowledge and understanding, but what truly sets him apart is his vulnerability. His ability to sink deep into himself and bring the treasures that he has found to others in service. If you need a bridge builder between science and spirituality to navigate complexity – he is your person.”

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