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From the other side of the mic

Video interviews are first, with audio versions below so make sure you scroll down to get them all, or at least be able to peruse what is available. These are not all the interviews and some are obviously better than others from my personal standpoint.

But first… a blast from the past (1990)

Back when deep conversations to explore were rare, let alone sharing them, I hosted over 120 ONE WORLD television shows produced in a public access studio in Glendale, Arizona. We had a dedicated crew of volunteers, too. Each session was like a family gathering. They aired in the Phoenix, Arizona metro from 1990 to 1992. I picked up the moniker of ‘Zen’ during production. It cascaded into my life. Rodger Schnellenberger [RIP] interviews me about the vision for ONE WORLD in this introduction. His insight and vision are noteworthy today.

More Current

More recently there are a variety of styles and types of interviewers. Some are engaged and truly inquisitive; some, not so much. Tuning in and delivering information as well as rationale brings a certain sensemaking to the process. The topic of Ufology, especially contact or experience, brings a certain sense of being an outlier looking for home.

The conversations are often circuitous and tangential, though the central theme is the quest for experiencing and understanding deeper levels of consciousness that empower our lives on Earth and potentially in the stars. We hope you find relevant and timely insights of your own.

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The Octopus Movement Podcast (May 1, 2024)

Welcome to a captivating episode of the Octopus Movement Podcast, your sanctuary for nonlinear minds. Today’s session transcends the ordinary with an engaging dialogue featuring Zen Benefiel, a multifaceted author, transformational coach, and a profound thinker whose life journey is nothing short of a quest for cosmic truth. From his early experiences of divine communication to profound near-death insights and explorations into quantum realities, Zen shares his extraordinary narrative with humor and deep insight. His discussions delve into the essence of identity, the interconnectivity of consciousness, and the potential for human and universal harmony. Join us as Zen unpacks the layers of his extensive explorations and offers practical wisdom on navigating the complexities of life and self-mastery, aiming to inspire listeners to unlock their own potential and embrace the cosmic dance of existence.

Dreams DO Come True

A 28-year wish come true with these New Thinking Allowed interviews, from first producing One World in 1990 with the hopes of someday being worthy of an interview with whom I want to emulate, Bill Moyers and Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. The latter appeared serendipitously in June of 2018, hopeful of support for an interview he’d just done with Jason Jordani on the Greys. I reviewed it, wrote a blog and shared it, and sent him an email with the link and a pdf copy of Stubbing My T.O.E. on Purpose. Three days later he responded, ‘would you like to come talk about it.’ The next three interviews are the result.

The New World Order – New Thinking Allowed (2018)

From Jeff: Bruce “Zen” Benefiel shares some personal experiences that led him to become an active participant in the UFOlogy community. He describes in detail the vision, shared widely in the UFO community and elsewhere, that humankind is entering into a new era involving a planetary consciousness and the alignment of individuals with a larger, cosmic purpose. He acknowledges that this vision is feared by a segment of the population and discusses how to address fear.

On Hearing Voices – New Thinking Allowed (2018)

From Jeff: Bruce “Zen” Benefiel describes his life history, as an individual who has heard voices since childhood. Looking back over the decades, he concludes that this has largely been a positive experience — and has enabled him to explore many interior realms. However, at one time he was warned by a friendly psychiatrist that he should be very careful regarding those with whom he shares these inner experiences.

Sociology of Ufology – New Thinking Allowed (2018)

From Jeff: Bruce “Zen” Benefiel speaks as a participant-observer sharing his reflections on the current community of interest centering on UFO phenomena. He describes his disillusionment with a nexus of individuals focusing on the notions of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. He describes various fears associated with the very idea of alien life forms. However, he suggests that we presently have no actual evidence that there is a reason to be fearful of UFO activity.

Conversations and Interviews Spanning a Decade

The Campfire Project with Alan Stevens (August 2023)

During the conversation between Alan Stevens and Zen Benefiel for the Campfire Project, the two engaged in a captivating and insightful discussion about various topics related to personal growth, spirituality, and human connection.

Zen Benefiel, a renowned expert in the field of consciousness exploration and transformative experiences, shared his perspectives on how individuals can tap into their inner wisdom and enhance their lives.

Possibilites Coagulator and Transformational Coach with Steve Lake

Introducing Zen Benefiel: Possibilities Coagulator and Transformational Coach

Experience the transformative power of coaching with Zen Benefiel, a renowned Transformational Coach, and Steve Harper, the esteemed host of the Business News Network podcast. In their captivating conversation, Zen shares profound insights and practical strategies for personal growth and empowerment. Discover how to break free from limitations, dissolve self-doubt, and unlock your true potential.

Whether you seek career advancement, stronger relationships, or a deeper sense of purpose, Zen’s expertise and Steve’s engaging interviewing style will inspire you to embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. Tune in to the Business News Network podcast to coagulate your dreams and embrace a life of limitless possibilities.

Join Zen Benefiel and podcast host Steve Harper on the Business News Network as they explore the high points of transformational coaching. Gain valuable insights and actionable advice on how to overcome obstacles and align with your true essence. Through their dynamic conversation, Zen and Steve provide a roadmap for personal growth and empowerment, helping you tap into your inner strengths and live a life of fulfillment.

Don’t miss this enlightening episode that will leave you inspired to step into the extraordinary possibilities that await you.less possibilities with Zen Benefiel. Contact him today to schedule a coaching session and experience the transformative power of personal growth and empowerment.

The Change Zone with Gail McDonald and Susan Sneath (January 2023)

The Change Zone is delighted to bring you episode #58 “Concrete to Cosmic with Zen Benefiel!” Zen is a radically curious author, coach, facilitator, and musician with multiple degrees. Jeffrey Mishlove PhD (Host of New Thinking Allowed), noted, “Zen’s mind is facile as he weaves a narrative ranging from deep within the esoteric/ufology subculture to lessons of marriage, family, and business life.” Zen loves facilitating people, places, and things to work together in fun and inspiring ways! He resides in Arizona with his wife, Luba, a Kundalini yoga teacher, and graduate of Mussorgsky College with piano pedagogy and music theory focus, from St. Petersburg, Russia. His most recent evo-leap is into the Executive Director position for the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement. Zen’s primary Website:

Three Minute Therapy Podcast – The Universality of Mental Health – Zen Benefiel (October 2022)

Jeff Reynolds for the JeffMara Podcast (August 2022)

Near-Death Experience guest 572 is who during his NDE experience went into the light and beyond and then into the indigo where he was surrounded by points of consciousness. Zen was orphaned at birth and six weeks later adopted on the anniversary of his adoptive parents, Bob and Lou Benefiel, Zen was curious and explored questions few could understand, let alone answer. Many years later, the moniker of ‘Zen’ came from one the crew of a TV show he produced and hosted called One World.

Zen’s life and the quest for connection created opportunities for deep self-reflection and professional development; acquiring ministerial certification, an MBA in project management, MA in Organizational Management, Secondary/Post-Secondary teaching as well as hypnotherapy and transformational life coaching certifications. He has coached entrepreneurs and small business owners in business plan development, social media marketing and professional development; personal development facilitator on the fly, and by appointment. He also is a practicing transformational life coach, assisting those in career or lifestyle conundrums.

Awareness For Your Soul’s Purpose – Claudia Monacelli (April 2022)

Adopted as an infant, in 1975 a quest for truth in college brought on a Near Death Experience (NDE). Profound understanding remained and now a 20+ year Coach, his background includes work in the aerospace industry, secondary and post-secondary education, radio and television, event production and team-building for multi-million dollar construction projects. Facilitating people, places and things to work together better ties into harmony among people and the planet as his passion and purpose in both life and work.

Sara Troy – Igniting Our Hearts and Souls (January 2022)

Balancing responsibilities with passion and purpose, professional opportunities continued life-learning roles in various industries, including facilitating environmental and social activist groups. Gaps in an activity offered time to work on his passions; building websites, playing music and writing books about life experiences, garnering a little wisdom.

OTEL Universe with Eileen Bild (January 2022)

In 1990, his passion for purpose and inquiry was empowered by an opportunity to host a TV show where I was able to peer into the depths of what makes us afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile. 30-years later, One World in a New World addresses similar topics with a bit more reach, wisdom and conversational capacity, building on hard and soft skills with a high IQ and EQ.

“Zen feels like an emissary from the future, a time when many more people are at home with a wider scope of consciousness.” Dr. Robert Gilman—Founder, Context Institute

“As one of our premier Featured Contributors, Zen has from day one distinguished his creative contributions from so many via a knack for keen
observation and what can best be described as “radical curiosity”
Dennis Pitocco—Publisher, BIZCATALYST 360°; 2020 ‘Standard of Excellence’ Award Winner

Dean Caporella & Aliens Revealed Live (Jan. 2022)

Zen Benefiel has been a contact experiencer all of his life. His journey started when he was just four. Two years later he had his first out of body experience and later in life, was taken to a three-sun star system by his guide and mentor (about 41 minutes mark). Benefiel covers a lot of ground in the following interview as he talks about the day his guide showed up, his first profound out of body experience, a near death experience, ufo disclosure and his ultimate “come to Jesus” moment.

Indie Beacon Show with Zen Benefiel

“I believe we are far more capable of doing things beyond our imagination than we give ourselves credit. In fact, the simple act of making a step toward achieving a dream brings many worlds into order and available for support.” Zen Benefiel  In this episode of the Indie Beacon Show, hostess Dr. Keitha Story-Stephenson talks with Zen Benefiel to learn how he uses that statement in his book.

Nicholas Carey – Ideology to Unity – Logos Legacy (Nov. 2021)

What is practical mysticism and how is it applied? We start within, and optimize ourselves, and from there we lead by example in our interactions with others. But we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable, relax into life and pay attention to what we feel. This, on a collective level is the basis for the transition to the New Earth. Zen shares his extraterrestrial experiences, and a wide range of fascinating insights about reality, all with an understanding of practical mysticism as a foundation.

Thomas Fessler (September 2021)

Exploring Quantum Consciousness | Viewer Call In | UAP Disclosure

Podcast UFO with Martin Willis (June 2021)

I suspect Martin wasn’t really prepared, and tossing in Kevin Randle at the beginning with no prior notice threw things for a loop with the juxtaposition. We went from hard-core materialist matters to the complete opposite with points of consciousness from an experiencer perspective. Our ‘perspectives’ are vastly different.  Here’s the response Martin left after the deletion: Interview with Zen Benefiel was removed due to the massive amount of listener complaints. For those who wish to watch it:

Black Lotus (2021)

The folks meander through some of the contactee/experiencer events in Zen’s life as well as some of their own. Inquiries discussing UFOs, Zen’s personal paranormal experiences, and UFO disclosure? They ask, as a general question, what topic is of the most interest to him currently? Much of ufology, in relationship to interactions, is still a mystery with conflicting viewpoints from researchers; where experiencers are less so inclined.

Paranormal Axetivities (2021)

In this curator interview, Zen presents and litany of possibilities to consider and has the host, Ben Axe, realizing that the offerings ‘make sense’ repeatedly. Imagine the possibilities of a world transcending the attempts of a ‘great reset’ and moving toward a ‘great awakening.’

Radio Wasteland (2021)

We asked simple questions of a man who is far from simple and he DELIVERED! We hope you enjoy this discussion as much as we did.. Sit back, relax and get ready to go higher! Zen brought a new insight to our show. Each week we cover some pretty “out there” topics and
Zen’s perspective was able to ground some ideas that can be difficult to wrap one’s head around. It’s a rare guest who can collect spirituality, UFO encounters, and cosmic intelligence into a cohesive and comprehensible argument, but Zen made it happen.

UFO News Network – Frank Stalter & Chant Hannah (2019)

Spiritual Evolution – Lords of Consciousness with Clint Culbertson (2018)

In this curator interview, Clint and Zen discuss similar paths and transformational processes that have imbued their lives with understanding and wisdom.

Harness Your Creative Power (Gunhild Lorenzen – 2017)

Zen was invited to participate in a virtual “Harness Your Creative Power” summit hosted by Gunhild Lorenzen and discusses the creative spark in the process of transformation.

Bigger Questions with Ron James (2015)

This curator interview almost didn’t make it. Funding was cut for the series just after the interview and, after five years, the post-production was finished and the show delivered on the Winter Solstice of 2020. Perhaps it was a hold-up for the listening capacity of the audience to catch up. Look for more from Ron and Zen, perhaps.

Law of Attraction & Transformational Life Coaching (2015)

Dave Nichols interviews Zen about Transformational Life Coaching and the nature of paying attention to one’s life path and synchronicities that lead toward fulfillment. Zen mentions opening the door to his true partner, after a lonely road of disappointing relationships. On October 30, 2016, she arrived.

Book & Experiencer – Topic UFO w/ Rick Scouler (2013)

This curator interview has a unique and very interesting virtual studio set up with Rick Scouler at the helm of his ship. This is the first time Zen shares his on-board experience from 1991 and the efforts to ‘make it easier to communicate.’

Food for Thought – Adam Abraham (2013)

Post Winter Solstice of 2012, Adam interviews the soon-to-be curator about his series, Zendor the Barbarian – A new millennial myth about the battle between science and spirituality.

Audio Radio & Podcast Interviews

Disrupt Reality on the Superpower Network SPU – The Super Power of Vulnerability: Move Through Consciousness

3-25-21 Journey Through the Unexplained with Russ Old and Joe Downs

Paranormal Now with Alan B. Smith (2021)

The Rundown Daily Live with Kristan Harris (2021)

zen benefiel - the rundown live

Into the Fire – 2019

Galactic & Earthly Consciousness – Exploring Possibilities with Sheryl Sitts (2018)

Intergalactic Alien Agenda Pt. 1 – Epic Voyages Radio – Dr. Joseph Burkes (2016)

Intergalactic Alien Agenda Pt. 2 – Epic Voyages Radio – Dr. Joseph Burkes (2016)

Are You Being Present

Zendor the Barbarian – Meria Heller Show (2013)

Tangential Realities w/ Randy Maugans and Chris Holly (2013)

Charles Heemans casual conversation

Awake in the DREAM Radio with Dr. DREAM

I recently came off a 30-year hiatus from previous interviewing for a show called One World I did in the early 1990s. There are many who share the same notions about consciousness beyond ufology,

Just to offer a perspective of the guy behind the curtain or on the curator interviews podcast & videos… and a smattering of publications. 🙂 If you get the chance and feel like leaving a comment, please do it on YouTube where possible. Thanks in advance!

If you’d like to chat or reach out for an interview, please schedule some time and Zoom with Zen.

Some lives are meant to be enigmatic, mysterious and transformational. You’ll find this one to be brilliant, yet humble and conversant on many topical areas. From orphan to adoptee to contactee/experiencer to tv host and prolific author,

Zen is a rare find. His experiences are profound and his professional career spans multiple industries and accomplishments. Now primarily a transformational life coach, he is sought after for advice, guidance and leadership. More recently, in March of 2022, he was invite to and accepted a position as Executive Director of the Live and Let Live Foundation and Global Peace Movement. When he stepped in, there were 30+ chapters in development in 19 countries.

From Dudley Lynch, Co-Owner and President of Brain Technologies, Inc; author of Strategy of the Dolphin and The Mother of All Minds, “I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are “eclectic” is engaging in understatement. And this is what makes his services as a “possibilities coagulator” for his clients so valuable and exciting. Smart fellow! Great ally!”

And now for something completely different….

I’ve been playing drums for, well… a long time. This is a recording of Outcasts and Social Misfits with me on drums, having a blast as usual.