In Review…

Over the years I’ve been introduced to new ways of looking at the challenges and potential solutions across of plethora of human conditions. I’ve also been blessed with many opportunities and fortunate to be able to say ‘yes’grandpa when they arrived. One of those arrivals was my first grandchild. My life changed again as I began contemplating the world she would encounter. I have eight grandchildren now.

I tend to see my life in the light of a ‘possibilities coagulator,’ as Dudley Lynch called me, being able to facilitate people, places and things to achieve goals and objectives. My greatest gift is to help groups to work together better and the skill set I’ve acquired seems to fit that purpose perfectly. I’m fairly adept in the digital world, too.

Starting Over

Post divorce and leaving an aerospace company I produced and hosted a television show on cable access called One World. The show focused on a very important parts of the human condition; what prompts us to act from both inner and outer perspectives, how we overcome fears (personally and professionally) and how we can share what works so that others can take advantage of the considerations, insights and solutions. It ran for three years, with over 100 shows produced. Our quests spanned the gamut of personal and professional environments, offering an education that was truly priceless.

I was part of a small crew that ran huge public events in the 90s, bring in 250,000 patrons over a weekend twice a year and one night for the Tempe, Arizona Fiesta Bowl New Year’s Eve Block Party. I also traveled the country running an electronic scoring system for corporate fund-raising go-cart races. I’m quiet comfortable in chaos, because I know how to create order without stress.

I taught high school for nearly five years; inner-city, charter and a residential treatment center. Shortly afterward, I taught business plan writing classes and served as a loan advocate for a micro-lending organization in Phoenix I created over a dozen websites with topics engaging consciousness and collaboration as their focus. I had plenty of time between partnering jobs to also begin writing.

Moving Forward

Garnering wisdom from phenomenal mentors, I’ve continued to develop compassion and understanding for a plethora of plights in personal and professional endeavors. Building Community emerged from working with Native Americans on the Indian School redevelopment and working with the City of Phoenix Futures Forum. Spectrum Academy was written during an MA in Organizational Management program after years of teaching and seeing what was missing first hand.

My facilitations and workshops apply the practices of collaboration, cooperation and community building. Comfortable in front of as well as behind the camera, I was challenged to offer a quick summary of what I’ve found out about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Suffice it to say that because of my early exploration into the ‘light’ during a meditation as a teenager in my first year in college I’ve come to the awareness that we are each cosmic consciousness condensed into form, becoming aware of the fact – often slowly if at all.

Now and Zen 

I’ll let you in on the real story about how ‘Zen’ happened. It’s a wild story and may seem incredulous, but nevertheless it is how it evolved. As you might know I was orphaned at birth and adopted about 6 weeks later. Even as a youngster I had the question, “Who am I?” bouncing around in my head/heart for nearly my entire life.. Since then, I found out the adoption records were destroyed in a flood.  Perhaps it is a bit extreme. It is how I am built and it has led me down some very interesting paths of inquiry.

Regarding the name, in brief, I was sitting with a friend after we returned from a full-moon meditation that was out of this world, including the use of Tibetan Bowls as background sounds. Our conversation had been deep, exploring intellect and spirit alike. We paused for a bit and in that silence I closed my eyes, turned within and asked the question, “Who am I?” The next thing I knew I heard him move so I opened my eyes to turn and look, immediately locking in on his eyes, only to hear him say, “You are Zendor.”

There was more, and suffice it to say I kept it to myself for a couple of years. Then, when I had the opportunity to produce and host a television show I took it off the shelf and used ‘Zendor’ (door to what is) as a subtitle for the show One World. It was during a break between shows a couple of months into production when Sat Khalsa, a member of the crew, called me ‘Zen.’ Others followed suit and it became organic… so I followed and began introducing myself as such after a while. The rest is my story.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of public speaking, facilitated various workshops from academic development to social media, including some on self-awareness. I’ve even organized some corporate events and worked on logistics crews for huge events. As an author, I’ve been interviewed a number of times and eventually came up with a media kit to help with the marketing efforts to come…. Media Kit.

Business Ownership

  • Be The Dream, LLC – Founder/Manager

  • Spectrum Academy, Inc. – Founder/Director

  • Team Partnering, LLC – Founder/Manager

  • United We Stand Productions, LLC – Founder/Manager

Completed Graduate Studies:

  • Master of Arts – Organizational Management, U. of Phoenix, 10/03, Human Resources, Conflict Management, Project Planning

  • Master of Business Administration, University of Phoenix, 2/97, Project Management, Marketing, and Production 

Other Education:

    • Life Coach Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 8/04, 15 proficiencies in life/work development – 100 hours

    • Secondary Teacher Certification, University of Phoenix, 11/98, Business Certification

    • Hypnotherapy Cert., Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2/98, Stress relief, personal growth and development – 100 hours

    • Desktop Publishing Certificate, Aztech College, Tempe, AZ – 8/92, Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Adobe PageMaker – 100 hours

    • BS in Business Administration, University of Phoenix, 11/89, Major: Advertising, Finance and Marketing


    • Authored numerous articles, blogs, books and papers on transformational topics. (Amazon Author Profile)

    • Conducts Partnering workshops for public and private sector organizations in the southwestern United States, with construction (building, road and bridge) as the primary focus.

    • Conducts management and organizational training focusing on communication, employee involvement, partnerships, motivation, customer service, and leadership. Past Valley of the Sun ASTD Chapter Board member.

    • Facilitated small to large groups as event logistics coordinator & manager with patronage of 5,000 to 250,000 from single day to 4-day duration.

    • Producer/host of television series (over 100 shows) focused on personal/professional development interviews with celebrities, lay people and professionals.

    • Participated in proposal writing and presentation to the City of Phoenix Mayor and City Council; winning support regarding Native American desires for multi-use development of Phoenix Indian School Park grounds.

    • Published in/on – Arizona Light, Extend Multicultural Magazine, Arizona Good Life News,,,,,, SearchWarp and various professional and social networking sites on the Web.

    • Production Control Coordinator for an aerospace company responsible $7 Million in monthly shipments – over 800 item parts list for commercial spares.

    • Managed 13-State territory for health food telemarketing sales – increased market penetration by 45%, from 16% to 61% in 18 months.